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Fabric NoteBook Cover and carry case with a 60'' detachable shoulder strap.

Large zippered pocket in back to hold strap and charger so they stay with the notepad.

These measure 13 1/2'' w x 8 1/2'' h and fit all notepads.

They have an inside padded sleeve and slots on either side for notes and papers. Also extra pockets for eyeglasses, pens, etc.

Tapestry hand washable in selected purse fabrics.

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Condition: New
SKU: N-1000
Size: 13 1/2''w x 8 1/2''h

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Abacus Black | 

Abacus Black

Congo Black | 

Congo Black

Mica Black | 

Mica Black

Picasso | 


Safari Gold | 

Safari Gold

Silver Magic | 

Silver Magic

Wild Mango | 

Wild Mango

Wild Spice | 

Wild Spice

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