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Wonderful padded organizer for your knitting and crochet needles and tools. Holds the largest needles, round needles and a two part zippered compartment for your small tools.

It has a muslin flap to hold needles in place when the kit is closed.

The kit folds up and pop -locks shuts so you can carry it with you.

It comes in all of my beautiful colors and you can buy a matching Pockets Plus bag (TA 3001) for all of your yarn and books.

These are light weight and washable and make wonderful gifts.

Size: approx 15 1/2'' x 21''

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Condition: New
SKU: KO-5001
Size: 15 1/2'' x 21''

Choose from  39 Knitting - Crocheting fabric/color options:
Click Here to see 39 Knitting - Crocheting fabric options:
Hover Mouse to Preview Color Options:
Animal Buddies | 

Animal Buddies

Aquarius Fish | 

Aquarius Fish

Astro | 


Bellisimo Medium | 

Bellisimo Medium

Bellisimo Small | 

Bellisimo Small

Black Horse | 

Black Horse

Blue Birds | 

Blue Birds

Blue Daisy | 

Blue Daisy

Cats & Hats | 

Cats & Hats

Cats Black White | 

Cats Black White

Coral Weave | 

Coral Weave

Fairy Frost Onyx | 

Fairy Frost Onyx

Fossil Fern Green | 

Fossil Fern Green

Frame | 


French Polkadot White | 

French Polkadot White

Green Bird Leaf | 

Green Bird Leaf

Hazelnut | 


Krystal Blue | 

Krystal Blue

Krystal Pink | 

Krystal Pink

Lavender Batik | 

Lavender Batik

Lavender Fabric | 

Lavender Fabric

Leopard | 


Little White Polkadot | 

Little White Polkadot

Loden | 


Northwest Totem | 

Northwest Totem

Oriental Red | 

Oriental Red

Pansy Multi  | 

Pansy Multi

Pansy Purple | 

Pansy Purple

Passport | 


Peacock Batik | 

Peacock Batik

Puppies | 


Purple Batik | 

Purple Batik

Rhythm Black Lime | 

Rhythm Black Lime

Saphire | 


Sea Foam | 

Sea Foam

Seattle | 


Starburst Spice | 

Starburst Spice

Water Drops Red | 

Water Drops Red

Zebra | 


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