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Our Clutch-N-Go Fabric Wallet - Checkbook - Organizer holds both kinds of checks, credit cards, zippered large coin purse and many, many pockets.

It has a key ring and a 60'' detachable, adjustable strap so it can be worn as a fanny pack, shoulder bag or across your body.

One of our cell phone Holders can be clipped to strap.

Wonderful when you want to leave your purse at home and have everything at your fingertips.

Choice of fabrics or solids.

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Condition: New
SKU: O-1001

Choose from  40 Wallets - Organizers fabric/color options:
Click Here to see 40 Wallets - Organizers fabric options:
Hover Mouse to Preview Color Options:
Animal Buddies | 

Animal Buddies

Aquarius Fish | 

Aquarius Fish

Astro | 


Babs | 


Bellisimo Medium | 

Bellisimo Medium

Bellisimo Small | 

Bellisimo Small

Black Horse | 

Black Horse

Blue Birds | 

Blue Birds

Blue Daisy | 

Blue Daisy

Cats & Hats | 

Cats & Hats

Cats Black White | 

Cats Black White

Coral Weave | 

Coral Weave

Fairy Frost Onyx | 

Fairy Frost Onyx

Fossil Fern Green | 

Fossil Fern Green

Frame | 


French Polkadot White | 

French Polkadot White

Green Bird Leaf | 

Green Bird Leaf

Hazelnut | 


Krystal Blue | 

Krystal Blue

Krystal Pink | 

Krystal Pink

Lavender Batik | 

Lavender Batik

Lavender Fabric | 

Lavender Fabric

Leopard | 


Little White Polkadot | 

Little White Polkadot

Loden | 


Northwest Totem | 

Northwest Totem

Oriental Red | 

Oriental Red

Pansy Multi  | 

Pansy Multi

Pansy Purple | 

Pansy Purple

Passport | 


Peacock Batik | 

Peacock Batik

Puppies | 


Purple Batik | 

Purple Batik

Rhythm Black Lime | 

Rhythm Black Lime

Saphire | 


Sea Foam | 

Sea Foam

Seattle | 


Starburst Spice | 

Starburst Spice

Water Drops Red | 

Water Drops Red

Zebra | 


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